At Alpha Roadside Assistance, we offer several services to make it as easy as possible to fix your car after an accident and get your vehicle driving again. If you unexpectedly break down on the side of the road, it can be challenging to know what to do. Fortunately, we can help. We serve customers within a 40-mile radius of the Houston area and can come out to your location to repair your tire or install new ones. If you need a mobile tire repair or mobile tire replacement, then your best bet is to call us so we can help.

Why Choose Alpha Roadside Assistance?

We are proud of providing a range of services that make us the go-to roadside assistance provider for many of our clients. Our team is made up of experienced and certified professional technicians. Also, we offer 24-hour tire repair, so someone can always come out to help repair your tires or replace them. We charge competitive rates for our roadside tire repair and installation services. This is because we recognize how stressful it is to be in a car accident. We want to help our clients by making the repair process as stress-free as possible.

Tire Repair Services

Your tire is just one part of your vehicle, which works in unison with the car’s other components. If you have a flat or damaged tire and do not repair it promptly, you risk damaging the different parts of your vehicle. When this happens, it becomes much more expensive to fix the damage, as you suddenly have a damaged car and not just a tire that needs replacing.

There can also be several components to your tire, which can make it difficult to remove or replace. This is especially true if your tire has a stripped lug nut or a locking lug nut. These types of lug nuts need to be removed with special equipment and can make the process of tire removal or replacement much longer than it usually would be. This is because these nuts are designed to be especially secure and resistant to damage. As a result of their design, you cannot remove them with more conventional tools.

Fortunately, our emergency tire service make it effortless on your part to deal with a tire that is damaged or flat. Our team is made up of experienced technicians who have specialized equipment, which makes it possible for them to quickly remove locking or stripped lug nuts to replace or repair your tire. We always work professionally, and once you call us, we can send someone out to you promptly to assess the type of work your tire needs and help you repair it as efficiently as possible.

This is also true if you already have a spare tire, but don’t have the tools or experience that you need to swap out the tire. For example, if you have an SUV or pick-up truck, you often require special equipment to remove the tire and install a new one. This can make it difficult to replace a flat or damaged tire on such a vehicle. Our experienced technicians have all the necessary equipment to repair and replace tires, including on SUVs or pick-up trucks. We can also help you to remove spare tires from your vehicle before installing them, if necessary.

In addition, we can provide you with a general tire assessment and repair service. If there is something wrong with your tire, someone from our team can come out to you and assess the problem. They can then let you know whether or not your tire needs to be repaired or replaced.

Tire Installation Services

At Alpha Roadside Assistance, we provide our clients with both mobile tire repair and installation services. If you need flat tire repair, we can give local tire repair services 24/7 within a 40-mile radius of the Houston area. Our aim with our services is to bring our shop and its mobile repair services to you whenever you need them. We don’t want you to worry if you have an emergency flat tire or need emergency tire repair. As such, we guarantee that someone from our team can come out to help you, no matter what time you call.

Our shop has a store of an enormous range of tires which we can install onto a vast array of different types of vehicles. This allows us to replace your damaged or flat tire with the perfect replacement without needing to go and get further work done on your car subsequently. If you call us with a flat or damaged tire, we can bring the replacement tire to your location and all the necessary equipment. This is much easier and more practical for clients who need their tire replaced than merely providing them with a temporary replacement tire if they don’t have a spare.

By replacing your tire with a spare, you are almost putting a bandage on the damage. You still need to replace the damaged tire properly further down the line, as spare tires are generally not going to be the most compatible for your vehicle and are a temporary solution at best.

If you require our assistance, all you need to do is contact our office. Once you have provided us with some information about your vehicle, someone from our team can gather all the necessary equipment as well as an appropriate replacement tire and come out to your location. We can offer our professional repair services for cars, SUVs, RVs, trailers, light trucks, and commercial trucks.

Then, our technician can assess your tire’s damage and let you know whether it can be fixed or needs to be replaced. We endeavor to repair the tire whenever possible, to save you the cost of an unnecessary replacement. All you need to do then is let our team of highly trained professionals take care of the rest!

We are proud to provide quality work and have a team made up of highly experienced and certified professional technicians. The people working on your tire must be experienced and knowledgeable because a damaged or imbalanced tire can eventually damage the rest of your car. This is also true of leaving a damaged tire on your car for too long. It can eventually damage other parts of your vehicle, too, meaning the eventual cost of repairing the tire becomes far more significant than if you had replaced it straight away.

Brands We Work With

Part of providing a professional repair service is working exclusively with the highest quality tire brands on the market. This is because we want the best for our clients. We currently work with the following tire brands:

  • Toyo
  • Hankook
  • Goodyear
  • Crosswind
  • Leo
  • Wildtrail
  • Nitto
  • Firestone
  • Continental Sumimoto
  • Winrun
  • Antares
  • Accelera

If you need to replace your trailer’s tires, we are proud to work with Trailer King for our trailer tire needs.

For mud tires, we work with the following brands:

  • Mud Claw
  • BF Goodrich

For SUV tires, we work with the brand Kumho.

If you need us to work on your tire, we can service the following types of tires:

  • LT tires
  • ST tires
  • P tires
  • Metric tires
  • All-terrain tires
  • Mud Tires
  • All-season tires